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Prophetic Training 101 Develop Your Prophetic Gift

Precio del curso


Duración del curso

6 Sessions

Prophetic Training 101  Develop Your Prophetic Gift


Silvia Accardo

Testimony - "The prophetic training course was life-changing! I finally had clear guided instruction on developing the gifts God has blessed me with. The group was encouraging and supportive. I no longer felt different or weird, it was like talking to sisters who understand. Silvia’s approach to teaching is based on experience, in-depth knowledge of the prophetic, encouragement, and love. She has been anointed and wants to share what she has learned with her students. I would encourage anyone to try it, you won’t be sorry!"

Sobre el curso

This course will help you stir-up, develop, and activate your God-given prophetic gift in order to move in the love and power of the Holy Spirit for the ministry of edification and evangelism thus launching you to affect those in your sphere of influence. This is a Biblical-based training for those desiring to live a Naturally Supernatural life for the purpose of bringing transformation to their lives and others. Additionally, you will become familiar with the versatility of how Holy Spirit revelation is received as well as how to release prophetic utterances.

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